Connected Parts

Wire Cut

The qualities of wire substantially influence cutting performance as well as cutting rates. Quality EDM wire with optimum physical and mechanical properties is required for best results - precision and highest possible cutting speed.

1. High dimensional tolerance
2.Stable performance
3.High surface quality
4.Made in China

We keep significant stock of many types of brass wire and in many different reels. Besides we also provide coated wire.



Filter Elements for EDM machines have a fibre-pack filling or a star-folded paper element. A large filtration suface is achieved by this special geometry. Large dirt-holding capacity ensure a long service life.

Filter FOR Electric discharge Machine

* MANN+HUMMEL EDM Filters from Germany
* PAPS EDM Filters from Korea
* PNC EDM Filters from Korea
* K.K  EDM Filters from China






Our resin has premium quality in balancing anions and kathions for EDM-application, which makes it one of the top selling products within the Ginkgo gamma.

Ion Exchange Resin

* NOVOTEC Ion Exchange Resin from Germany
* ROHM+HAAS Ion Exchange Resin from China
* OPTIC Ion Exchange Resin from China
5liter/bag;5×5liter/carton; 10×5liter/bottle


Rust preventive

Rust preventive is an ideal additive for mixing with the deionised water for wire erosion machines (mixing ratio 1 liter with rust preventive with 200 liters water)the rust preventive is non-polluting,does not affect the deionisation, the filtration and does not gum the valves. It reliably prevents the formation of rust on your expensive work pieces, and has no effect on the water treatment plant

* NOVOTEC Rust preventive from Germany
* K-200 Rust  Remover from Japan
* K-12 Rust  Remover from Japan
1  liter/bottle; 5 liter/bottle; 10 liter/bottle



Connected Parts

providing service for imported EDM machines,                                                                      such as AGIE & CHARMILLES of Switzerlangd,                                                                           MITSUBISHI & SODICK of Japan etc..




Copper Pipe Electrode ;  Brass Pipe Electrode ;                                                                     Grnphite ; Copper alloy;